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And the Results Are In... SOESD 48/48

Ladies and gentlemen, Phoenix Highschool's Team #4 for the Southern Oregon ESD's 48 Hour Film Challenge has taken first place! Our entry, Pink Lemonade and Murder, will go on to compete in the Rogue Independent Film Festival later this summer. We got interviewed once again by channel 5 in the classroom, and the top three films were shown on Charter channel 16 Friday the 2nd.

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Vital Information: Hydration

So Ben says "I'm thirsty" and Rossi is all, "Dude, let's make a segment", and so it was. Featuring an all-star cast. Check out our Spielburg-Zoom attempt at 1:44.

Production/Editing/Filming - Jian Rossi
Freestyling - Ben Holden-Hunkins

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Deadlined: Behind the Drama

Filmed before the release of Conrad and Dan's senior project, see what goes on behind the scenes of the hit in-house musical.

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Photos: SOESD 48 Hour Film Challenge Shoot

After just a few days of intense film-noirey brainstorming, script writing, prop collecting and shooting, we've got a good sized gallery of stills to show off. These span from our initial meeting in the classroom to further out near the tracks at Phoenix Park.
A trailer for our finished project, "Pink Lemonade and Murder", should be going up soon.

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PR: Hot off the proverbial press - 4th Annual PHS Oscars Ceremony!

PHTV Oscar Press Release
Phoenix High School
4th Annual "PHS Oscars" Ceremony
May 28, 2008

Phoenix High School will honor the students enrolled in the video and art programs with the 4th annual "PHS Oscars" Celebration. The event will take place at Phoenix High Rose Street Theater 745 N. Rose St. Phoenix, Oregon.

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Seizing the Moment

An article contributed to the Southern Oregon Educational Service District, about Victor's entry into the Ashland Independent Film Festival. The original copy can be found on the SOESD web site HERE.

Victor Orozco Seizes the Moment
Ralph E. Frey

Last year Victor Orozco entered the Ashland Independent Film Festival (AIFF) to meet the challenge of his instructor Ralph E. Frey. The AIFF Launch program is a free contest for Southern Oregon student filmmakers.

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Press Release: Oscars 2007

PHTV Press Release
Phoenix High School
To Honor Video Students Work at the
3rd Annual "PHS Oscars" Ceremony
June 7th, 2007

Phoenix High School will honor the students enrolled in it's video program with the third annual "PHS Oscars" Extravaganza. The Coming Attractions Theatre in Ashland will host this spectacular event. The "PHS Oscars" will be open not only to the students and faculty of Phoenix High School, but to the general public as well.

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PHTV Meets the Press

The Medford Mail Tribune came and visited us in the studio as we were gearing up for the 2007 Oscars. The result was an article that will be pinned up in Mr. Frey's class for decades to come. Well, maybe not, but we'd like to think so.

The full write-up can be found on the paper's site HERE.

Phoenix High students run their own TV news show
And what's a TV show without an awards gala?

By Paris Achen
Mail Tribune
June 06, 2007

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Photos: Studio Life 2007

Out and about in the classroom and studio. Special guest appearances by Tricia Leinas, KTVL, and Christina Anderson, KOBI.

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Photos: The Fieldtrip 2007

PHTV hits the town and attempts to take over Southern Oregon one public venue at a time. Had a great and informational time visiting, touring, and shooting in our future Oscars venue the Varsity, Landmines Studio, The Rrrink, and Starbucks.

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