About PHTV

Phoenix Highschool Television is a series of classes intended to provide a multimedia producing environment, ranging from still photography and retouching to live video broadcasting. The PHTV news crew produces a live or prerecorded newscast at the top of every week covering school-wide announcements, and featuring various segments from all the video classes in order to inform, promote, and attempt to wake up our highschool when the coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

An Introduction Of Video Production From Frey

Many people look at education as work and no fun. Electives come in to our path to create an avenue to escape the required classes and have fun, learning at the same time. When you look at the word fun you also see work, but do not really see the work. It is fun to bike around the Crater Lake Rim. I will personally tell you that it also was a lot of work. Remember this, fun is the result of hard work. As you come to school every day and work hard, you will have fun, and that will lead to an experience of feeling freedom.

Oscar Night is fun. The individuals who make the evening happen know the hard work that goes into the program. The nominees and winners, both, know the hard work to make up each presentation, and the elation of the finished product, made it fun to appreciate the effort.

The goal at PHTV is to teach responsibility and develop character in the television industry. In television you have to "Discipline Yourself." You must be better than the person who has gone before you. In television you must lead, and a leader is successful because they plan well, and have luck on their side. Great leaders make their mark because they intuitively know which opportunities to seize and which opportunities to pass on.

Television is magic! There are some people today that believe that man has not been to the moon. The first step of man was made in Hollywood. The weekly series "Lost," seen on ABC, appears to be filmed on location on some island in the Pacific, but most of the series is filmed in big building in Hawaii.

Television is one of those unique products of the American genius. A means of keeping a complex country intact. Just as America begins to explode every which way, riches and opportunity and complexity, just then along comes the TV to bring it all together. Rich and poor, black and white, they share the same heroes. Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong. In January the talk is of the Super Bowl. In October, baseball. Say what you will, but only Americans could so skillfully build instant bridges among the classes, bind together diversity. Television is that medium.

Television caters to individual needs. The choices for viewing are endless. If you want news, you go to CNN. If you want sports, you go to ESPN. If you want weather, you go to TWC. If you want a movies, go to HBO. Your choices are endless.. With the development of the satellite this can only happen in today's world. Your effort, if good enough, can be seen on RVTV, our Channel 31. Only in America can this happen.

Creating television is an art. One must always define your audience. Remember that it is easy to create what you think is exciting. Ethnocentrism can be an enemy to a great producer. One must always think of the others, who watch and evaluate. An assignment is always created for a specific audience. Consequently, ratings and competition drive television. Ratings drive television and all media presentations. For the movies it is the dollar. For sitcoms, and reality shows, how many viewers turn in to watch. For anchors on news teams, it is their scores from the audience that watch that specific telecast. PHTV runs the same, viewers rate each presentation shown on Channel 22. The PHTV audience is a selected audience, if you offend, it can last forever. KNOW your audience and who controls the remote! All Oscar nominations are scored by how others view their presentation.

In television you earn the right based upon reatings. Ratings are indicators if the people on the air, or the segment are worthy to be honored. Ratings in television are your motivator. Your "Critical Eye" is your guide to what is acceptable and what is not. They key to being successful in television at PHS, is knowing your audience, writing to that audience, shooting for that audience and editing for the audience. Your ultimate goal is to produce a presentation for PHTV that will not shock or offend the public. Remember at PHTV, others few what you produce. Television from your point of view is not only a representation of you, but also a representation of the school that represents you.

In television you will leave a footprint for others to follow. You are not here because of what I have done, or what you have done, you are here by what others have done before you, (i.e. Dead Poet Society with Robin Williams). Listen and watch of those who have gone before you. Remember, you earn the right to passage in television at PHTV by:

  • Working hard,
  • using integrity,
  • Committing yourself to success.

Go forward and become the best "Television" person you can. Enjoy the ride, and smell some roses along the way.